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  1. Intake. We discuss what your goals are and whether we’ll be able to support you. We also estimate make an estimate for our consultancy services.  
  1. Assessment; Quick Scan. We discuss i.e. goals, possibilities, restrictions, budget, stakeholders more in detail.  
  1. Baseline measurement. When starting we conduct a baseline measurement of the current experience perceived by the relevant stakeholders. The research is qualitative and quantitative, and is carried out by means of questionnaires and interviews with customers, visitors and employees. The research is designed in such a way that it can be repeated for a final evaluation. 
  1. Exploration Phase. Maarten Hartveldt will conduct the exploration phase, and where relevant in collaboration with other experts. The result is an overall experience concept. When the client also opted for creating an implementation plan, we enter phase two.  



  1. Creation Phase. In this phase an implementation plan will be presented.  
  1. Implementation Phase. MSC supports the project leader with the implementation of the experience concept. Clients are regularly given feedback on the state of affairs. 
  1. Evaluation. MSC conducts a final measurement (t + 1) to evaluate if the recommended multi sensory interventions were successful and whether modifications are needed.