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Multi Sensory Concepts develops an overall multi sensory experience concept. We strive to develop these concepts for all kind of organization and public places people gather. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for people and organizations.  

Multi Sensory Concepts ensures that people feel more at ease and secure in the environment they visit. We make spaces more comfortable, both psychologically and physiologically. How? By focusing on stimulating their senses consciously and unconsciously in perfect harmony and the right balance.   

A pleasant and safe environment is very important. It relaxes our mind and our heart rate drops. Multi Sensory Concepts creates an environment in which people feel relaxed, safe and secure.  

Eliminating negative emotional responses such as anxiety and eliciting positive emotional responses of enjoyment and excitement by environmental stimuli.  


Using multi sensory stimuli, when properly applied, creates a feeling of comfort. Comfort can be thought of as the balance between relaxation and stimulation. When we enter a space, we perceive it through our senses. Sensory stimuli cause emotional arousal, which can lead to psychological and physiological responses of comfort or discomfort. So we are able to reduce anxiety and aggressive behavior. As a result the environment, service or product is perceived as comfortable and safe by the customer.